Inspection and/or rework operations can become necessary when unforeseen problems occur in the normal course of manufacturing, packaging or distributing pharmaceutical products. At SPECTRUM PHARMA, we are experienced in performing such non-standard tasks. We also offer related services such as special packaging for clinical studies and component procurement.


It’s sometimes advantageous for our customers to perform a rework on a product that requires a change, or does not meet standards.  This can save them both time and money.  SPECTRUM PHARMA has the experience to handle all types of reworks, including removing packaging, re-labelling and re-packaging.



Inspecting a product is sometimes the only way to detect a deficiency or confirm the absence of a defect.  At SPECTRUM PHARMA, we can conduct all kinds of inspections (bulk product, packaging components, packaged goods) based on protocols developed jointly with our clients.   This service can help our clients avoid rejections and/or destructions of lots.


Clinical Studies

etude-cliniqueOver the years, we have produced a great variety of clinical materials for numerous companies operating on a global scale. We can produce subject-kits that not only enhance treatment compliance but also meet the most stringent labelling requirements (i.e., unique identification for each blister/card/bottle). Our experience extends to multi-site, single and double bind studies, including the distribution and retrieval of subject-kits.


Other Services

We can procure components from qualified suppliers as per the client’s specifications. This can include primary packaging elements (bottles, caps), printed materials (labels, inserts, cards) and other components ( cases, trays, displays).