SPECTRUM PHARMA is specialized in the packaging of solid dosage forms (tablets, capsules, caplets). Our equipment allows us to process small to medium lot sizes efficiently. This Primary Packaging is done in environmentally controlled rooms (temperature, humidity and particles) with dedicated air treatment systems for each room to avoid cross-contamination.



Bottle packaging

We can perform the bottling of solid dosages using various bottle types and sizes.  Operations include:

  • Precise, validated filling
  • Regular or CR caps
  • Induction sealing
  • Labelling and coding




Bulk Product Inspection


SPECTRUM PHARMA conducts inspections for a variety of clients and different types of solid dosage (tablets, capsules) These inspections are designed to eliminate various targeted defects (broken tablets, stains, etc.) found in bulk product lots. The elimination of these defective tablets/capsules enables our clients to proceed with the packaging of the bulk product in full compliance.


RecupVracBulk Product Retrieval

In the cases where there is a problem with the packaging of a finished product, this service allows our clients to salvage the tablets/capsules.  This retrieved bulk product can subsequently be re-packaged and this avoids significant losses.