Primary Packaging

Spectrum Pharma offers a variety of primary packaging services tailored to the needs of our customers. Find out what we can do for you!

Blister packaging

Spectrum Pharma specializes in the design of blister packs and offers a multitude of material, format and volume options to help you meet your clients’ strictest requirements.

Rely on our vast experience in blister packaging for a quality product delivered to you in a short time. Our state-of-the-art facilities allow us to offer you a wide selection of Alu-Alu, PVC-Alu and Aclar-Alu type blisters for the packaging of your tablets, pills and capsules of various formats. Our blister pack production room allows us to package products that require relative humidity conditions below 20%.


Pharmaceutical bottling

Our comprehensive bottling service involves the highly precise filling, induction sealing, labelling and coding of your bottles, as well as further secondary packaging services.

With Spectrum Pharma, choose from a variety of regular or childproof bottles and caps. The bottling of your pharmaceutical products is possible in various formats, for a flexible service adapted to your needs.


Bulk inspections

Spectrum Pharma implements your own inspection protocols in order to deliver immaculate products to you that meet your specific requirements. Automatically eliminate all traces of stains, breakage, or other defects with this meticulous service: we take care of controlling the quality of your pills, tablets or gel capsules so that only the best products can be packaged and make their way to your customers.

Bulk recovery of products

Prevent valuable product losses with our bulk recovery service! At Spectrum Pharma, if the packaging of your pills, tablets or capsules shows a defect, we have the necessary equipment and facilities to recover your products from their packaging without affecting their quality. Said products can then be repackaged without any significant losses having been incurred.

Pharmaceutical packaging under the best conditions

All of our primary packaging takes place in a tightly controlled environment for temperature, humidity and particulate emissions. All necessary measures are taken to avoid cross contamination, and our clean rooms are equipped with their own respective air handling systems.

Why choose Spectrum Pharma?

Our clients trust us to meet their primary packaging needs for pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements. Find out why so many companies choose Spectrum Pharma:


Irreproachable quality

Our processes are optimized to meet industry standards and prevent any form of cross contamination. Our packaging line is subject to strict quality control to ensure that you receive your orders in perfect condition.


Fast and professional service

At Spectrum Pharma, we pride ourselves on being able to offer you fast and efficient service, so that you may receive your finished products within the tightest deadlines.

Our equipment has an ideal production capacity for packaging pharmaceutical products in batches of small to medium sizes.


Unparalleled customer service

From the first contacts, we are there to support you through each stage of the packaging of your products. Our team listens to your needs in order to offer you solutions that are perfectly suited to meet your customers’ expectations. In addition, each project is assigned to its own respective project manager, whom you can reach at any time.


High levels of flexibility

Whether you are looking to produce regular or custom packaging, we can easily adapt to meet your needs.

What do our clients say about our primary packaging services?

Entrust your pharmaceutical packaging to Spectrum Pharma!

Interested in learning more about our blister packaging, bottling, and other related primary packaging services? Contact us today to learn more about what Spectrum Pharma can do for you.