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Spectrum Pharma is a pharmaceutical packaging company with multiple specialized services ranging from primary and secondary packaging to the design and distribution of clinical trial testing kits and medical supplies.

Explore our range of services and see why so many major pharmaceutical companies trust us to deliver top quality finished products.

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Primary packaging

Spectrum Pharma specializes in the packaging of blister packs and the bottling of pharmaceutical and natural health products in solid oral dosage forms such as pills, tablets, or gel capsules. Discover our wide range of primary packaging services.


Secondary packaging

Whether you want to design a one-of-a-kind outer packaging, create multiple product combos for promotional purposes, or re-label and repackage previously processed products, we have the solution for you! View our list of secondary packaging services.


Clinical trial management solutions

Spectrum Pharma can outsource the management of your studies and clinical trials. Rely on the expertise of our specialists to package, label, distribute and even recover your treatment kits to complete your projects with ease.


Stability studies

Whether you want to assess the stability of your product in a new type of packaging, or you want to extend its expiration date, Spectrum Pharma has a qualified team dedicated specifically to carrying out such studies.

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