SPECTRUM PHARMA has the capacity to perform almost any secondary packaging operation, from simple cartoning, without insert, to the assembly of the most complex “Starter Kit”, including insert and patient registration card. We have also developed an expertise in the assembly and packing of trays and display units.



Labelling and Re-labelling

At SPECTRUM PHARMA, pharmaceutical labelling is considered as a critically important operation requiring stringent controls.

We can accommodate a great variety of formats (bottles, cartons…) according to the specific needs of our clients. We perform repackaging and re-labelling operations for a number of clients.

This can be an interesting option that can generate added value in cases where, for instance, a product labelled as “international” can be re-labelled for the Canadian market.

At SPECTRUM PHARMA, we can also produce, in-house, identification labels meeting a wide range of needs, including the printing of symbols used in the industry (UPC, Code 128, Data Matrix, etc.)



Cartoning and Re-cartoning


Our flexibility allows us to package a great variety of products and formats (i.e., bottles, syringes, injection pens, etc.).

This service also allows our clients to combine, in a single package, different products or multiple units of the same product. ,

At SPECTRUM PHARMA, we have the possibility to code various information/text, beyond the lot number and expiration date. (Lot sizes: 1,000 to 50,000 bottles/cartons)


mise-en-cabaretPacking Trays and Display Units

We pack trays and display units for various clients. These can be used at retail for display and sales purposes (in stores or drugstores). These trays and display units can also be used to distribute samples or designed to meet the requirements of ”warehouse stores”.




“Combo” Assembly

At SPECTRUM PHARMA, we can also package and assemble different products together for sale as regular products or for special promotional packages.



Shrink Wrapping

For distribution purposes, bundles of different sizes can be conveniently shrink-wrapped.